Intimidating a witness mass

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While usually the audience is awash with colored lights during performances and cheers fill the air, when Girls’ Generation got on stage they were confronted with darkness and silence from the stands.

This would become known as the “Black Ocean” incident.

The anti-fans then turned their rage against Tablo’s family, accusing his mother of faking a gold medal win at an international hairstyling competition in 1968.

(She didn’t, but the news report that claimed she had was an error that she herself cleared up.) So many threatening phone calls were made to Tablo’s brother David that he lost his job with a public broadcaster.

This is especially true in the case of anti-fans, who hate certain pop stars and are willing to verbally or physically attack them or their fans. In 1999, Gan Mi-yeon from the girl group Baby VOX received scores of letters filled with razor blades, as well as hate mail written in blood and photographs of herself with the eyes put out.

The following year, Yoon Kye-sang from the group g.o.d received a drink adulterated with bleach and laundry chemicals, which was drunk by his mother, who was hospitalized.

Then a new act, they were the subject of rumors and hate based on their perceived arrogance.

He added that all current portraits of former deans would be ‘taken down’ and rehung, and that teaching materials, such as diagrams of the human anatomy, will be changed to feature a ‘range of ethnic groups’.‘We’re trying to reflect the diversity in terms of students we have, but also trying to be more inter-cultural, more international in terms of how we develop the science,’ he told The Telegraph.‘We are making sure that the space in which students learn...The rage of anti-fans is not limited to physical attacks or public disses.Attacks on reputation, even unfounded, can cause immense damage to individuals in Korea’s music scene.doesn’t just have the busts of the bearded 1920s men, but also has pictures of people from different ethnic groups, different cultures.It’s not that we’re throwing anything into the bin.’Keith Mott, a systems engineer and direct descendant of Sir Frederick Mott, said that whilst he was not ‘offended’ by the plans, he would caution against universities seeking to erase controversial parts of their history.

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