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(If this did happen, and I'm not saying it did, there is no reason you do not deserve a cogent story! He's fit and has a great smile and amazing blue eyes. He seemed interested in me and I asked him if he would be coming over to my place to get in the Jacuzzi. This was doing nothing for my ego, and I couldn't go back up to him. I wanted to just go to the steam room and then cool off with a shower. I watched her and could see that she was having her "release." Aysha had both hands on her crotch and I could hear a certain noise I knew well, a "personal massager", at work.

Diego was very blunt and he said, "If you can satisfy my wife, you can satisfy me." I asked him what he meant and he told me about this understanding he made with his wife, that if a woman could satisfy his wife, then his wife would allow the other woman to satisfy him. I ended my work out early and went into the locker room.

I said, "Aysha, that was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

Until a couple of days ago, I had not had sexual thoughts of a woman and now I just made a woman cum and I loved it.

I could have cock anytime; I wanted a woman to lick me until I came, too! She twirled her tongue around it and I was going insane with excitement. I know Aysha must have known her husband was watching her the whole time, but she did not give a fuck and to be honest, neither did I. She kissed me on the cheek, but I think she was trying to be courteous and not kiss my mouth with my pussy juices on her tongue.

I could feel Aysha opening her lips and taking my little pearl into her mouth. " I came hard, but that did not stop Aysha, she just kept licking. A woman knows that feeling and Aysha quickly stopped.

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Without Alena B's spot on edits, readers would believe, like some of my prior work, that I dictated the story to Siri on my i Phone 6, while I was cumming. I'm single, fit, 37-years-old, and 5'4, with nice B cup tits. My husband shocked me nine months ago with a "we're getting divorced" email. I'd been watching this guy who comes to the gym 5 days a week, his name is Diego. Even though he's married, he was fun, so I kept talking to him. I took off my top and started to caress my small breasts. Danielle was the girlfriend of my friend Brad – a playboy friend of mine on the west coast who was almost a generation older than Dani, and eight years older than me.I’d met Brad when I did interior design work for one of his movie star clients; he was their agent.Subsequently, I designed Brad’s bachelor pad and turned it into the ultimate seduction pit.A few years later when I went back to LA on some referral design work, I met Dani and was taken by her intriguing mix of innocence and sophistication, of good girl and bad girl, of risk taker and timid soul, and of spiritual angel and hedonist. Although they both dated others occasionally, they were mostly a couple.

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